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Trust me I am an artist

The grand narrative of the present moment, as it finds expression in globalisation in the apparent primacy, even supremacy, of economic determinism, has had a shattering effect on mutual trust: all social activity, now redefined as economic activity, is predicated on a profound and distorted ambition of individual gain whose dark twin is the fear of others. The present historic moment does not encourage us to trust ourselves, others, the work we do ourselves, nor the work of other hands – how or why should we trust work when its only declared value is its monetary value?

We live in a world where corrosive doubt makes it difficult to trust in the generosity of art, in visions of a fuller humanity. Whatever our immediate motives and concerns, artists believe in the importance of art. Art does not of itself confer virtue on its practitioners, nor does it have some talismanic value that rubs off on audiences, managers, funders or promoters, so that those of us who work in these areas are somehow made better people because the work we do means we participate in what is called the arts.

There is nothing essential in art that automatically makes a person good. Some great artists have been monsters, a certain number have been, in the lovely vernacular of Dublin, maggots. To be an artist does not make one a good man or woman, not necessarily, and to be an artist is not in any meaningful way better or more important than being a nurse, a mother or father, a builder or sailor, a baker, a policewoman or a legislator.

Trust me I am an Artist  is a drawing from the text series of work that uses text as the main source to communicate over an image. Trust Me I am Artist poses the question of the role of an artist, but in the context of this work I am making statement for the view to trust me.

Provenance: Signed and dated with wax seal.

Dimensions: 14.8cm x 21.0cm

Medium: Crayon and wax seal.

Paper: Fabriano Hot pressed

Edition: 1

Year created: 2019

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