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SADstudiopublishing.art is the official website for all works on paper, drawings and Ltd Edition prints of the artist Stephen Anthony Davids. Here you will find a unique body work both new and from an extensive archive covering 20 years.

"Stephen Anthony Davids’s artworks fuse immediate expression with a weight of imagery drawn from a considered corpus of reference points, historical, artistic, musical and filmic. On the one hand, his drawings are the result of a compulsion to make work in the moment. Solitary figures are his primary subject, and his focus is on the face and especially the eyes as a vehicle for communication and expression. However, his figurative works cannot be described as simple portraiture. They tell a story, and a complex one at that, with meaning coded through multiple layers. In the first instance, the figure itself may be a reference to, or representation of, a specific individual, real or imagined: sportsmen, film and TV characters and musicians all appear in different works. At the same time, his figures may represent of a facet of himself- his feelings in the moment of drawing, his personal interests and history, with many wearing his gold tooth. Black culture and history in London and New York, working class culture and history in East London, are all coded into his drawings. These subjects are multi-faceted and intersectional, and provide a way for the artist to resist essentialism in his observation of and representation of identity."

(Dr Sophie Hatchwell, Lecturer in Art History. 2022)

  • Original unique works on Ledger Sheets

    Distinctive works on original authentic ledger sheets dating from 1820s – 1910.

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  • Original Drawings on Paper

    Unique works on paper various sizes ink and mixed medium.

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  • Ltd. Edition Prints

    Hand pulled Ltd Edition screen prints (various sizes)

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  • Framed Drawings

    Original works on paper, signed and bespoke box framed. Various sizes.

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  • Ltd. Edition Zines / Artbooks

    Small run Ltd edition Artbooks published by sadpublishing.art

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  • Text based works on paper

    Work on paper text only (various sizes)

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