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Boy with Hoop

Boy with Hoop

Hoop rolling, also called hoop trundling, is both a sport and a chils game in which a large hoop is rolled along the ground, generally by means of an object wielded by the player. The aim of the game is to keep the hoop upright for long periods of time, or to do various tricks. Hoop rolling has been documented since antiquity in Africa, Asia and Europe. Played as a target game it is an ancient tradition widely dispersed among different societies. In Asia, the earliest records date from Ancient China, and in Europe from Ancient Greece.

In the West, the most common materials for the equipment have been wood and metal. Wooden hoops, driven with a stick about one foot long, are struck with the centre of the stick in order to ensure good progress. Metal hoops, instead of being struck, can be guided by a metal hook.[1]

Provenance: Embossed. Signed Artist Proof

Dimensions: 58cm x 83cm

Medium: Handfinished Giclee print

Paper: Art Paper, Deckled Edge

Edition: 5

Year created: 2019

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