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Definition of sanctuary

noun, plural sanc·tu·ar·ies - a sacred or holy place.
The definition of a sanctuary is a place of refuge or rest, a place where you can feel at peace or the holiest part of a temple or a church. An example of a sanctuary is a church or temple. An example of a sanctuary is your home. The holiest part of a sacred place, as the part of a Christian church around the altar.
Observing musicians of all types what all share is a love of there art and the instrument which they play, Music is a form of escapism as much as it is a spiritual experience. 
Sanctuary is a drawing that depicts the Blues musician lost in translation whilst playing the blues. 

Provenance: Signed and embossed

Dimensions: 29.7cm x 42cm

Medium: Crayon

Paper: Hot Pressed.

Edition: 1

Year created: 2019

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