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Zen Life

From the series of text based work on paper (A5)

Zen is difficult to define.  Zen teaching is not bound by words or scriptures but is really a way of life. The term Zen is derived from the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese word Chan. Chan traces its roots to the pre-Buddhist Indian practice of Dhyana (to think/meditate). 

1.  Practice Zazen (Meditation)

In zazen, the aim is to simply harmonize breathing, body and the mind.  Through this will come inner peace and clarity on your true self. 

 2. Operate from your True Self

Deepak Chopra, provides five easy ways in which to recognise whether you are operating from your true self. 

The true self is certain and clear about things. 
The everyday self gets influenced by countless outside influences, leading to confusion. 

The true self is stable. 
The everyday self-shifts constantly. 

The true self is driven by a deep sense of truth. 
The everyday self is driven by the ego, the unending demands of "I, me, mine." 

The true self is at peace. 
The everyday self is easily agitated and disturbed. 

The true self is love. 
The everyday self, lacking love, seeks it from outside sources. 

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Dimensions: 14.8cm x 21cm

Medium: Crayon and wax seal.

Paper: Fabriano

Edition: 1

Year created: 2019

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